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I'm thinkin' we're looking at one of the V6 cars here. There is no spoiler and in one of the earlier shots taken of a couple of parked cars under their car covers (next to 2 Mustangs), it was easily discernible that one car had a spoiler while the other did not.
This could also account for there not being any noticeable vents in front of the rear wheels. I have no doubt there will be a number of obvious visual cues differentiating the V6 and the V8 cars.
At this point, I'm thinking that huge congratulations are in order to the entire Camaro team for getting this car to where it is today and for keeping it so true to the Concept! Way t'go guys (and gals)! We're almost there! Keep letting stuff like this trickle out and there will be no problem maintaining interest in this car from here on in until the official unveiling and release to the public!

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