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Originally Posted by SeaCompiler View Post
It's hard to tell because the first picture is dark, but the coils look closer together on the front than mine (like the back coils are on the front?). Are the coils seated properly back into the cradle on each end? Is the 24MM nut screwed down all the way? I watched this video before doing mine and kept me on the right track. If you are confident on all the above, then it is entirely possible you have been given the wrong springs, or the wrong springs are in the right box. No doubt it is incorrect though.

I can't go look at mine right now because it is getting some upgrades - sorry!
They're definitely where they're suppose to be. Everything looks seated properly too, It's just odd how the fronts are higher than stock, and the rears are MUCH lower than 1". it would suck to find out that they're the wrong springs, but they look like the ones they picture.
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