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Originally Posted by 130R View Post
Thanks for posting this.

The one thing that would kill me with that car are the tires, and I can't wait to hear how many miles people get out of them.

In 2 years & 38K miles, I'm getting ready for my 6th set of tires (no burnouts, just a LOT of canyon driving) and they've been 200 to 300 tread wear...
"Speed costs, how fast do you want to go?" applies in this situation as it ALWAYS does.

The tires are the cost of admission to sit at the fast-laptime table. Pay up or eat elsewhere, it shouldn't be hard to understand.

Figure 2000 miles for road use or 70 track laps when driven fast and well. If you drive with a lot of slip angle, halve that. Folks who think smoky burnouts are cool could easily see $1200 go up in smoke in a few minutes.

Rinse, repeat, enjoy.
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