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Originally Posted by Col. Brain View Post
at 400+lbs more weight - the ZL1 needs more than a good set of tires

it needs a diet

the real question is: with a $10,000-17,000 difference between the ZL1 and Z/28, can you buy enough mods to make the ZL1 outrun the Z/28?

I believe you can... $2000 for tires, $2000 in exhaust and $4000 in engine upgrades and you're going to be staring pretty hard at the GT3 and Z/28's taillights, if not looking at their headlights in the rear view mirror... factor in about $5000 in brake upgrades and you'll be doing even better than that.

the ZL1 is no slouch... it's a competent machine with a boatload of power... you might be surprised by what slapping a set of super sticky tires can do for a car that is well driven.
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