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There are 2 types of paint systems for our color. CRT. There is a 3 stage and there is now a new 2 stage. Stay away from the 2 stage as it is not good and a tad darker IMO. Make sure you do the 3 stage system and go light on the red which is the second stage. Before the red you use a white primer than a silver base . I've painted with this color on multiple parts and it is not a color to be heavy handed with. Lay white primer than the silver base(stage 1) then 2 light coats of the top red coat(stage 2) followed by seven light coat of high end clear coat.(stage 3). Wet Sand buff polish and your done. If your not painting yourself then I would stress to your painter to do some samples using different coats with each stage. This is a tri stage paint and its very easy to mess up. It is also very expensive paint too. To much of base or to much of stage 2 and it will not match. I did some samples using each stage until I found the best match. I found that this paint system to get right likes good even silver base and 2 soft coats of the red mid coat. Good luck and hope it turns out great .
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