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Originally Posted by AZCamaroFan View Post
There was an article on Yahoo about this last week. Every comment was "why don't they sell it for 20K?" "too expensive" "i'll never buy GM or Chrysler again"
These are the same people that go to a used lot saying, "I've got $4,000 cash and I ain't goin' a dime higher!" The salesman proceeds to show a $4k car, usually some compact from the late '90s with over 100k miles. These buyers will never understand business. Business is making money so that businesses can reinvest in new stuff, including technology. What GM has done with the Volt is make impossibly expensive engineering available for the masses.

For the sake of simplicity, the Volt is a car with two engines. Let's say you put two engines in your Camaro. How much would it cost? Let's make it more affordable. Let's put two engines in a Cobalt SS. This LNF is going for over $3k on a car that retailed in the low-mid $20,000s. Now, installing another engine isn't going to just cost the price of a new engine. You've got to fabricate room for it on the existing platform, so that might require some work. You've got to redo the interior because it is now a 4-seater instead of a 5-seater. You've got a lot of work ahead of you, and that costs labor dollars. I think it would be safe to say that adding a new engine would cost as much as $15,000 on our new Cobalt SS. Suddenly, we're right around the price of a Volt.

And let's not forget that profit is a matter of business. If a business is not running a profit, it cannot produce new, innovative products. All it can do is produce what it already has and hope it sells better tomorrow. Profit is necessary for us to have Camaros, Corvettes, ground effects kits, special edition models, advertising, sponsorships, contests, apparel, and all the other good things Chevrolet does.

What's remarkable about the Volt is that the additional powerplant is not typical. It saves money on gas, albeit you have to drive it for a while to break even. The Volt is worth every penny of that pricetag, and if you aren't willing to pay it, go buy yourself a Malibu. It's nice and less expensive.
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