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I'd read the fine print very carefully, most tire warranties are pro rated, meaning you will only be paid a portion of the value of the tire determined by tread depth ( you already have a manufactures warranty on the tires from goodyear and you probably have an option to purchace road hazard coverage from them directly ). Should your wheels get damaged, your vehichle insurance will cover this minus your deductable. $900 is a lot of money to pay for this type of coverage, you could just about replace all 4 tires on your car for this much. If you have damage to one (1) that is what they will cover, they will not replace pairs or sets. and also bear in mind that this is third party insurance, not by GM, Chevrolet/ or your dealer, this company may or may not even be in businness when you go to make a claim.

Not a good use of your money in my opinion

also,.... if you are financing your vehicle, keep in mind you are finincing this $ 900 also so the true cost is much more than you think
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