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Originally Posted by AntiVnm View Post
well after an inital showing a couple weeks ago and alot of smack talking to my dad my best was a 13.93 at 103 and his was a 13.2 not sure the mph. i pulled the fuses and managed a 13.30 @ 106 to his 13.23 at 109. I was skeptical about the fuse pull but after i did it i tried to hit it at about 15-20 mph and started going sideways. the car feels much stronger. i put the first tank of gas in and have only used 93 octane. it had almost a half tank from delivery though and i think this was my problem. anyway im not talking any trash now but feel alot dad has a 2010 chally srt8. on this pass i took the rpm up to about 1800 and nailed it. got some spin. my 60' was 2.02. i had a best of 1.99 for the day.

not sure if this will work but here is a link to the vid
You have no right to talk trash. Your old man can drive better than you! LMAO! Get to the track and practice some more, before he tells you something like..."let me show you how it's done at the track" .....AGAIN!
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