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Originally Posted by SGOS252382 View Post
Two main reasons for times slower than the magazine tests.

1. Summer - (warm weather = slower times)
2. Bad L99 low octane tune.

And you are correct about having to pull a fuse to run low 13s. Even running the low octane tune, the L99 should be able to run low 13s with good driving and excellent track conditions. But for whatever reason, the low octane tune is really bad on the L99s. In additions, some of the cars are delivered to customers with low octane gas and they seem to be stuck in low octane tune mode. These cars need the fuse pull mod to reset the computer to get back to high octane mode (why? - I don't think anyone knows).

But the facts are, with good driving and good track conditons, the LS3 M6 and L99 A6 are very capable of running high 12s. As the weather cools off across the country, we should see more times in the high 12s - low 13s.
What he said...If I remember correctly when tested the camaro's and got 13.0 for m6 and 13.1 for the a6 it was 30-40 degrees out.
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