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Thinking of a gift for my son

My son is getting 9 and I'm thinking abut the gift. He is inro sport cars and racings that's why I decided to buy him his first go-kart. Does anyone have this kart? I'm thinking of an electric go-kart as they're quite fast and made with steel framework. I found several brands that are popular and the price is fair. Seems like my boy will like go-karting. But it’s better to read the feedbacks from people who already get it. So what brand would you recommend?

Thanks everybody to join this conversation, now I'd like to share my opinion. Just wanna add my point after searching. Now there are many offers with fast delivery, warranty, convenient payment services. For example, we found great offers at KidsATVSale They are almost the same but there are some differences. We chose Razor Dune electric go-kart due to good feedbacks. It has a powerful motor, it's easy to ride and there's a parents control.
Yeah, my son is into racing and karting so he'd like the gift. We've got a spacious park nearby with smooth runways so there'll be no probs to check it out enjoying the ride! I'm searching for some local clubs now. If my boy likes riding a go-kart, I'll take him to the classes to have fun with friends.

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