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Code p0420 options

So here is the deal I've been having a lot of trouble with my catalytic converters. i had replaced the right side (bank 2) converter about a year or so ago but it was under some kinda warranty,, I didn't pay of out pocket. Recently I received the dreaded p0420 engine code so the shop I took it to said that the converter was bad. It was bank 1.,,he told me that it needed to be replaced but I'll be honest I didn't have $1000 to spend on a new converter so he told me he would hollow or gut the cats. I said ok but how will I pass my emissions test? He told me that I can run the gutted cats since my inspection doesn't go out until next year.. drive it until I can afford to get a tune and when I go to get it inspected they will see that there is some cats in place even tho they don't function so I'll pass. Is this legit?? I don't wanna fry the engine by driving it daily with no tune either
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