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t/c and stability off

Originally Posted by Legend View Post
I turned the TC off but didn't use competitive mode either...basically just trying to launch the car myself and slip the clutch...I do want to make a run or two with competitive mode on to see what it can do and then I'll go back to no TC and keep learning.
I launched at Bandimere at 4000 rpm's and spung the tires so much I had to shift into second or hit the rev limiter. So putting it in Competative mode where it runs the rpm's up over 4000 would be a waste for me.
I did however pick up over a second when I turned the stability track off along with the t/c. I just hold down the t/c button for about 7 sec and both lights com on over on the tac side gauge.
My first time out so please don't laugh...16.43 90mph with stability on>15.01 with it off at 98mph
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