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Originally Posted by PalmerGA View Post
My, that is annoying. Doesn't sound like stock exhaust. Are pipes/mufflers welded on or clamped?

Nice road, btw.
its got pacesetter long tube headers, a xpipe i picked up from summit replacing the stock resonator, and flow master 10 series mufflers i mean it sounds nice when im getting on it but cruising it is no fun

i think it might be from the mufflers cause there lil 4in squared with only 1
baffle gona take the axle back off see if that help if so time for better mufflers cause i still need some back pressure

and the road is a lil side road off the pali highway here in oahu
pretty scenic out here just gota go off the beaten path
you rarely get second chances so keep the rubber on the asphalt
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