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The 2LS with it's 2.92s is a little bit of a setback. The diff being weaker is any V6 auto, I was one for about a year. Not having manual mode for shifting can suck but since I had my car tuned I have never used the paddle shifters since. Now here are your plus sides of things your car is about 350 pounds lighter than my 2LT. That means I need to make about 60 more horsepower to run the same ET as you. A 100 shot will make your car a different animal and having the 2.92s with spray can be an advantage on hooking up instead of spinning. Make sure you run PREMIUM fuel and a colder plug for 100 shot and a tune is a MUST!!!! NGK LTR7IX-11 @.040 gap is what a lot of us are running for the 100 shot and above. It is the only colder plug we have right now to choose from. Have fun and be safe on the spray.
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