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Originally Posted by TCAT View Post
I like the meaty ass tires on there man . That's badass! Have you got a chance to test the pads a little more? I am trying to decide between the HPS or HP+. Also, I can't wait to see what you do with the front end of the car.
Yeah hopefully gonna get some better pics tomorrow I'll roll it out of the garage. Other than the short drive I took and mashing of the go pedal I'd say they work pretty good. For some reason I feel the stock pads might have had more bite but i'll reserve me judgement until I can get her upto about 60 and slam on the brakes.

Front end is coming along now that the weather seems to be holding out for the most part I'll probably make my way to have the fuel system buttoned up. ATCO is open now starting on the 23rd test and tunes. So I'll shake it down for a few runs.
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