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For me these are the 2 most important statements that I've hear about the Camaro SS.

The first one made me think about upgrading the suspension and dynamics of the car with the 1LE track pack and the second one confirmed that I made the right choice waiting 3 years to do it GM Performance Parts.

Quote: Randy Posbt from The 2009 Car&Driver best Driver’s car Laguna Seca Hot lap.
" Understeer! frustrating understeer. When I got done with my hot laps, I didn't want to drive it anymore. There is hope, potential is what I see here. I just think they've been too conservative at Chevrolet with the handling setup. "

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Quote: Randy Posbt from 2013 Ignition Episode: 2013 Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE: Best Handling Camaro Ever!
"The Camaro is definitely at home on the race track. Minimal body roll, well controlled for what is essentially a street car. It behave very well as a race car. I’d race this Camaro right now; Frankly. This is the best balanced Camaro yet! "
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