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Originally Posted by BullF-16 View Post
Currently have your 1 7/8 Lts and have had them for a couple years now. See sig line for details. Have to sell the LTs here in a couple weeks since im going custom twin turbos.

Not to worry though, we will be ordering your shorties for the turbos setup since im running 6 bolt heads and the OEMs wont work without extensive grinding etc.
Ahhhhhh, a fellow F16/Viper USAF crew chief here, I worked the Vipers at Luke AFB 94/98 and then in the ANG w/ the Vermont Green Mountain Boys

Originally Posted by Bad Dad View Post
ARH 1 7/8 ,,, 9.94 Bradenton Motorsports Park Racing this winter its a Florida thing... But making some big changes to the Diff. Injector Change, muffler change, Taking some weight off, and 2" headers. Fine tuning the suspension and Driver Bringing the Car Saftey up to spec.
That's getting it done!!! Matt does some good work down in FL, met him at Carlisle 2012, he's been tuning/building LSx cars for quite awhile
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