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Originally Posted by Kodis16 View Post
ive already posted a thread like this but I am actualy going to do a new cam very soon but im still not sure of exactly what cam to get? im not looking for everyone to suggest there own cam im just looking for for opinions on what everyone thinks the best powered cam out there is but I also don't want it to be all power with no torque but I would like a good amount of power too it doesn't have to be midranged and equal. I justy did a 9inch kit with 3.91 gears and I have 3in exhaust and lt headers and cai along with pfadt motor mounts bc coils and I also have a tire so I am basically trying to find the best cam for my modds I already made 428 rwhp and 426 rwtq soo any suggestions would be great. thanks! I also have the m6 ls3 btw and I do like the really lopey sound although that's not the reason im doing the cam.

also any dyno graphs pictures ect would be great along with it!
There is no best varies so much from car to car, and what works for one person doesn't work for another. Find a reputable shop and let them make the choice for you...after all this is what we (sponsors) do day in and day out - we know what works and it will save you the time and hassle of browsing the forums.

With that being said, our '545' cam is very popular, it makes great power (with yours already making 428rwhp I'd expect it to do 475-480rwhp with only adding the 545 cam), but the driveability is still excellent as well. Very powerful in the low and mid range as well. Here are a few threads I've posted on it,

Also check out our customer build blogs, I've documented many of our installs on there as well.

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