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Originally Posted by SGOS252382 View Post
Why must you come into a Chevy forum and try to make guys that purchased a V6 Camaro feel bad with quotes like this;

"V6 doesn't necessarily have "plenty of power."
"just because its has 304hp doesn't mean it's its quick."
"You mean the halos on the 2LT?" Oh that's nothing to worry about because its only a V6."
Its pretty obvious where you stand and what brand you support. You definately don't stand up for the fellow Camaro5 members.

It only takes 1 second of reading your posts to see exactly what you're up to.
Wow talk about reading into things. It's pretty apparent that you, yourself are the one with a predetermined stance on the subject. The statements I made are purely subjective from a car enthusiast's point of view. You're coming from a "DEFEND MY CAMARO AT ALL COSTS" stance. Like I said, it's blatantly apparent. "What I'm up to..." Wow, too funny.
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