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Originally Posted by scrming View Post
actually it does have some bearing... a lot of guys that have NEVER been to the track think just because they buy a GT or a SS they are instant track pros and will being running low 13's first time out.. I remember being at Fun Ford weekend and watching a number of guys running 14.5s with their GTs!!! And then there was the guy with the GT500 running 15's! LOL!

This whole thing of this car beats this car is pointless... anyone can lose on any given day....

Bottom line, ENJOY YOUR CAR! Be it a Stang, Camaro or Challenger... 6 or 8! It's all good!
Originally Posted by Andro View Post
I think all that matters is that your happy and screw what others have to say. You have a Camaro and they don't.
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I was going to say something but I think my other Camaro buddies got my back, cause thatís how we ROLL


and yep
well said
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