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Originally Posted by MikesZ View Post
The first manufacturer that gets a 340 hp V-6 in a sport coupe that gets mileage in the mid-30's will destroy all the competition. Virtually wipe them out of that segment. And it's a segment that is huge in America...with gas prices and all. And I don't see fuel costs going down fact they will rise over time and likely settle in the $3.50 per gallon range in the near future.
You do realize there is a decent number of people on here that have or ordered a V8 Camaro, right? Why is it necessary to put down people that have V8's in order to justify your decision to buy a V6? I was in the Camaro guys corner until I read some of the V8 bashing. I ordered a V8 and I can not only afford to pay for it, I'll be able to put gas in it too. I bought a Trailblazer last year when gas was over $4 a gallon. I was always able to put gas in it when it was getting low. You guys should keep your arguments to your preferences for buying a V6 and not divide the Camaro owner camp too.
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