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Originally Posted by Evil-Bee-NH View Post
They had one in AZ if thats not easy for CA to get to then i dunno what is. They seem to ignore anyone who brings that Fest up not entirely sure why.
Maybe because of the 5 other ones that a lot east coasters seem to ignore? The Phoenix fest was arguably the best fest for a lot of people. It was my favorite hands down. That was due to a number of other factors than location and attendance but I have heard a lot of people from the east say that it was top 2 at the very least.

This event was created to get together as a forum and meet each other first and foremost. Maybe it's not for that purpose anymore.

Attendance is a must for us to afford to rent these venues but I feel for our guys and gals in the west. These people fly into the fests on the east side without their cars. They are every bit a part of this group as anyone else.
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