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Somebody at pedders did their homework! Thanks Pete, Mike, and Rob from Wretched Motorsports! I am now a true, died and gone to heaven, believer in Pedders! The Extreme track kit is amazing! I can say this before I even dive into swapping Swaybars and adjustments that will be necessary! I am aligned with pretty much a street setup.

I am the lucky recipient of the first customer extreme track kit, installed on my car yesterday at Wretched Motorsports! Rob will fill you in on the details if he hasn't already.. We had a problem with the rear bar mounting brackets, so the stock swaybar is in the rear.. The front 27 MM bar is installed and all but 1 set of bushings are in, as we had a problem with one of the rear control arms.

Folks, this car is DEFINITELY set up now to smoke the competition. Forget mustangs. they can't compete with this. The Pedders Extreme kit, with just the 27MM front pedders swaybar and stock rear bar blows away every corvette I have ever driven - and I have personally owned 14 C5 and C6 Vette's. Of them, 3 with T-1 kits installed. And I am still on Stock Camaro SS tires!

Warning.. DO NOT attempt to install this kit yourself. You need a suspension expert that knows what they are doing to get this done correctly. It takes about 10 - 12 hours to install all the parts, and you need to know what you are doing. You will die when you see how much needs to be dis-assembled to install this kit.

It is not designed for the guy that wants to look good.

This is for SERIOUS drivers that will push their cars. I plan on running the SCCA SOLO II Northeast division Autocross with this car next year until i get it sorted out, and then I will do some time trial runs on different tracks in the northeast. It will take time to work out the setup and get the handling setup that will work.

I can tell you right now that the difference from the stock "buick" suspension in the Camaro to being Pedderized is truely amazing.

Start with the Poly bushing kits and coilovers, and work into swaybars. The large bar is useless unless you have the rest of the suspension to go with it. With just the 27MM swaybar up front, and stock bar in the rear, full extreme kit, and coilover shocks, my car will now outperform some seriously expensive cars and make them wonder how they got beat so bad. I will be able to play with Corvettes and Vipers now... even without large swaybars! This transformation is just what I needed for this car!

I brought a customer for a ride yesterday that averages over 8 tracks a year. He was amazed and thinks my Camaro is in the class with the ZR-1.. I have to agree.. Mustangs are NOT my competition anymore.... We are going to run with some big dogs!

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