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I setup an order for a challenger through aafes but decided I just cant do it. I gotta have a GM. I WISH GM would go with AAFES again but they pulled out back in like 2005.

Anyways well Ima see what GM can do for me right now, if it doesnt meet my pocket book then ill wait an try for a leftover in any color or order my dream 1LE in white.. I had 2 dream cars once, my old 1980 Z28 black on black no options except a 350, and of recent a 2006 GTO that got totalled out due to an idiot driver(not me, he pulled out in front of me, t-bone)

New dream car that I will keep forever once i get it will be a 1LE Camaro..

I will update this post when I get it.

Thanks guys,

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