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Originally Posted by 427camaro View Post
I agree - and you know what ? SEMA & the Challenge can't come fast enough for me. Can't wait to see how this car performs !!
Final track testing, final adjustments and then ship to SEMA. Working with LPE is just awesome because they are so professional. Create a plan and execute. It is LPE style. Then we have other companies that run differently. They are exceptionally creative, but a little more notice would be good. Phone call TODAY --

Hey Pete, you got a minute.

Sure. What's up.

I have FIVE SEMA bound vehicles in need of suspension. Can you help.

What have you got?

XXXXXX and nobody has suspension for it yet, but I figured you do.

We do have ONE last set of coilovers, but no lowering coils.

Pete, I HAVE to have five sets. One will be built before SEMA and FOUR at SEMA.

Uhhhhh, I'll figure something out for you.

Cool. I knew I could count on you guys.

Is SEMA over yet
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