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Originally Posted by sbindley View Post
Okay, everyone. TAD is telling me my hood looks "naked" without the screaming chicken. So, ahem..

"To bird, or not to bird, that is the question."

My initial thought was not to bird, because I think of this more as a 2013 TA, not a 77. But the style of this car is all about the 77, with the shaker, the front and rear, the lights, the t-tops, the snowflake wheels, even new gauges with 77 script... Normally, I am a guy who removes all badges and stickers and have people coming up and asking what the car is (my old G8 GXP, Solstice Coupe, even my current Durango), so the thought of a 3 foot chicken is a lot to swallow. I will post photos of both this week and we can let the opinions roll in. For sure, I need to see what it looks like without as they have never built one like this yet.

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