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Originally Posted by Sven59 View Post
What I meant is they designed the rearend of the Z/28 for track use. If you change that to be beefier for the strip it might effect its performance on the track. I am not an expert, but I would think if the engineers could have made it for both wouldn't they or does it come down to the COPO is for the strip, the Z/28 is for the track and the ZL1 does everything.
Your homework is to learn and report back on different types of differentials and how, exactly, each is better or worse for a given application. It's not a hard assignment, in fact, if you put forth even a modicum of effort, you can earn the adulation and respect of your peers.

Bonus points for discussing the effect of weight (reduction) as it pertains to road course cars, drag race cars and street cars.

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