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So...we've got salesmen who won't come out of the building but what about salesmen who JUMP at the sight of a car on the lot.
A couple of years ago I stopped at a local dealer to pick up something that I'd ordered from the parts department. To get to the parts door, you have to drive around back of the building and around the main car lot. I pull on the lot and down a short drive that gets you up to the main building, turn the first corner to get around back to the parts dept, and a salesman walks out the side door of the building and right into the isle I have to drive through. He walks right in front of my car, puts his hand up (as if to say: STOP), walks to the side of my car, and says "is there something I can do for you?".....
To which I politely respond, "Yes, you can get out of my so that I can get back to the parts department to pick up something that I ordered."
"Would you like to take a look at any cars?"
"If I did, I would have stopped to look at one. Or maybe even called ahead. Is it ok if I go pick up my part now?"
To which he says nothing, and backs away from the car.
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