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Originally Posted by crangie View Post
GM choose the GY's for a reason. They over the highest sidewall stiffness in the 285 size. Therefore they are also a major contributor for the good ZL1 and 1LE lap times.

Ass Jessrayo describes with tires you have to compromise. You can't get all in one.

The PSS might be an overall better summer street tire than the GY's but I still doubt that the PSS will be better on the road course .
First they have a softer sidewall and second based on feedbacks from the Porsche community they tend to overheat and become greasy quickly ( i have personally experienced it also in a GT2 on the ring).

Before I jump on the PSS bandwagon I would like to see some data which supports the statements about them being faster than the GY's.
Use what you like.

If you use the Goodyears as a track tire, then I am speechless.
It's a street tire, not a track tire.

Don't jump on the PSS bandwagon. But remember that GM did on the Corvette C7. Like you said, "there is a reason GM choose them."
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