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Cool, I am trying blue first so I just added a couple male connectors for the floors and I upped to the 8-13' power module. If it runs too hot or bright I'll add several feet of extra wire in a coil behind the dash somewhere to bring the total footage up to 8 feet.

I'll order some yellow later maybe... it's so cheap!

I'm kind of holding out to see about the rainbow-wire they're coming out with. Has anyone called them yet? I'd be curious to see what the cost of that is and what dimensions it is. It would be very cool to be able to adjust the colors!

Here's my order sheet. I added an extra 4 way splitter also. I think 2 is already 1 too many but I'm getting 3 just in case I add the doors later.

3 EZ-Connection Splitters for EL Wire
EZ-Connection type:4 way splitter (add 1.50)
15 2.2mm Blue-Green Polar Bright El Wire
1 Female 6" Connector
5 Male 6" Connector
3 Heatshrink Tubing 1.5mm
1 12 Volt Constant & Flash Inverter 8-13ft
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