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Originally Posted by ZYAL8R View Post
Well hats off to the maker of these pics. That cruiser looks sweet...that is unless it's in your rearview.

I'm sure those "mightier than thou" Cali cops will have one almost as soon as we do and the cocky-a$$-wannabe-a-nascar-driver patrolleees will brag to everyone they see how they can outrun anyone. Out-running escapees is one thing, but to stop someone, I think they may have to actually throw something in front of the car?? Like maybe the Camaro Cop Car? I highly doubt this. So what is the point? Not trying to ruffle chicken feathers, I'm just sayin!
I highly respect L.A.P.D. they are great at their job and are good at dealing with the kind of stuff that happens (moslty in the inner-city or other cities). Trust me they need those fast cars in order to stop the weekly car chases, and illegal street racing.
But Bakersfield P.D. on the other hand.................
They are grade-A jerks.
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