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Originally Posted by Caddyroger View Post
Ok. You did a very good job of repairing your wheels. They do not even look like they where damaged.

Originally Posted by Casperadub70 View Post
What curb rash? Great job

Originally Posted by Glen e View Post
Nice job..I've used a dremel before too and wheels respond pretty well as they are soft. More should try this, nothing to really can't make it worse!
ya more people should try it. Especially with the polish wheels or even MS wheels with light scratches.

Originally Posted by Eich View Post
Looks great. I have a wheel that needs a little attention. I wonder how difficult it will be to do with the tire on?

The polished wheels have a clear coat on them, right? I wonder what's going to happen in the areas where you ground, sanded and polished the clear coat off?
post a pic of your damage. It depends on where the damage is and how bad it is. I was surprised how much I was able to remove scratches without going through the clear coat.

Originally Posted by marine_142 View Post
I thought the RS wheels were painted?

I had some small road rash (previous owner) and tried to sand it down such as what the OP did. It appeared the wheel was made of clear coat, midnight silver paint, dark primer, alumimum.

just wondering if this is same same.
My car is an RS but I added the polished aluminum wheels, so I do not have the midnight silver wheels. Yes the MS wheels are not just clear coat so there is a lot more work involved. You would have to get primer and the paint and clear coat to fix them properly.
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