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I was driving down the street (I am in left lane)and in my rearview mirror I saw this silver car speeding up behind me. This guy was driving an excessive speed. I was doing 50 Km's (31 mph) the speed limit he was way in excess of that. Iam going to guess he was doing 80 + to catch up.

He pulls up beside me and slows really quickly and starts checking out my car. So I dont change my speed or anything just keep driving. This goes on way past any other people I have seen do this since I got the car

He then pulls a little ahead looks at front and starts to veer into my lane. I drop back so does he. I pull forward so does he. Again this guy is veering into my lane. I then drop back and so does he. I speed up to try and get ahead he speeds up and try's to stay with me. This continues until the next stop light.

All the while he is doing I am thinking the local PD will think were racing or arguing or something. Drivers behind us are probably thinking WTF are these two doing.

At the light I power down my window (windows tinted on thursday so I shouldnt be) and ask the guy WTF are you doing pulling up on someone like that and then driving like that. He is a young kid (18 or 19) in a Honda civic with a large spoiler. His response was "nice car man, Its really SICK". I was pretty pissed off and by the end of it he knew it.

I know this kid was checking out the car and I have no problem with that but man he was driving like an A$$hole.

Anyone else had an experience with anyone like this ?
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