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Originally Posted by Deke736 View Post
I got mine the other day and was pleasantly surprised to see a pic of my car in it! I wish I would have known; I would have provided a better pic to use.

It is a really nice calendar, and one that I will keep long after 2014!
We went searching for pix through all the build threads. Some had countless pix and some had just a few photos. I think all the pix used are perfect. Tons of different angles...
Originally Posted by moserbe View Post
I just checked the tracking number and finally the postal service posted something. It will be delivered tomorrow. Thanks.
You bet. In the five(ish) years of doing this, we've NEVER lost a package. We've had them dropped at businesses next door and owners forget about them for two weeks....finally figured it out and the member went next door and was like, "THERE IT IS!" But we've never lost a package. Worst case....if they are not delivered, they will be back at the post office. I'm sure they will all be there soon. That's why we got tracking #'s though!
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