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Thumbs up Livernois 2c cam kit - Review, Vid and graph

Well - I've had it for a couple of weeks now - I've only been able to drive it a few times since we've had NOTHING but rain here in beautiful MI for the past couple of weeks, but I've driven it enough to be able to give it a solid review... so, here goes.

(BEWARE - long, but worth a read if you're interested in similar work - I know I would've appreciated a thorough review when doing my homework)

Livernois - I can't say enough good things about these guys. I'm VERY lucky in that I'm local and can drive < 30 minutes and be at one of the best shops in the country!

I started my research back in late January when I found out that I'd scored a side-job that would likely get me enough $ for a sweet cam. I immediately engaged Andy and asked what cam they'd recommend for somebody that wanted to gain some nice power with an LS3 (I already had full catback, CAI, long tubes), would give me a nice lopey sound, yet still maintain good drive-ability... I was OK with a SMALL trade-off in drive-ability and wanted the most aggressive cam I could get while keeping that in mind. After talking about the cams they offer, he was very confident that their 2c cam kit would be a perfect fit, especially since I already had the supporting exhaust mods. So over the next couple of months I did my research and learned all about cam specs, priced another vendor and talked to them, but still ended up at Livernois for various reasons.

A week after dropping it off, let me just say - they were dead-nuts on with their recommendation. The car gained 47rwhp and 18rwtq, sounds amazing and IS A BEAST! I've hardly had the opportunity to really get on it, but the times I have it just pulls and pulls and wants to keep going. I need to get to the strip to really stretch her legs out.

It made my exhaust note sound much sweeter, has the perfect amount of lope and drives almost like stock. There IS some minor surging if you're cruising at lower RPMs (below 1300'ish) at lower speeds with little to no throttle applied, but hardly noticeable and well worth it. And the best part is that this cam is blower friendly... guess that may be next

The staff was always friendly and very thorough. I think I'd already posted in another thread that Andy had found some VERY VERY tiny chips on the inside edge of my door when doing the drop-off inspection, chips that I didn't know were there - and I'm pretty meticulous about my finish, junkman style. So, I appreciate that kind attention to detail when it comes to my car; things like that really help you to know your car is in good hands.

Over the course of my research Andy and I had exchanged over 50 emails back and forth and he always answered my questions, was polite, and most importantly, was honest. It was this, coupled with their stellar reputation, and the vids/reviews of other work they'd done that sold me on the shop. While my car was there, I got updates when I asked for them and Rick was awesome enough to document the build with pics and vid of the final dyno pull - something that was very important to me.

Overall they did a wonderful job - not a scratch on my exterior, no muddy boot prints, greasy hand prints, or dirt on my interior, and the engine bay was also spotless... my car was returned to me exactly as I'd dropped it off - except much more bad ass... something that is hard to find these days when leaving your child (yes, child) with somebody for some work.

Iím VERY happy with the cam selection and the work done on the car. Kudos to Andy, Rick and everyone else at Livernois - VERY stand-up shop, well deserving of the reputation they have. I know where I'm going when I'm ready for a blower, gears, and other supporting mods.

If you're interested in the cam, or have any questions about my experience, feel free to post or PM me.

The fun stuff is below!

Cam specs:
117 LSA 224/236 .608/.608
(Andy or Rick - please correct me if I'm wrong)


Includes start-up, idle, revs, dyno, walk-around, and interior idle

Vid by Livernios

Sound before the cam (if interested)
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