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Originally Posted by converted View Post
Snark away all ya wont ray its fine i actually enjoy yalls witty banter about the lone pony in the group. Also a big thanks to tara for her help with starting same said pony at a&w the other nite it was a lil cold and she had to give the ole hand crank a few turns for me!! Any who yes i deffinetly vote for a mod satuday. We have a suspension to do on rays car also. So we cud fire up the pit ice dwn some beverages and get to it!! Lemme know when and ill make sure im off and have the shop on wheels handy...... Ob wait thats right its a ford too!!! Lol!!

You're welcome, Jason! My arm's a little sore from turning over that big ol' high compression Ford motor, but I've been soaking it and it's not so bad now.

A Mod Saturday sounds excellent. I want to get this clutch reservoir on, but work (and daughter) uses up all my hours during the week!

Group hug Mod Saturday! When, indeed...nice weather with no chance of rain, I suppose. It'd be nice if Mike were back home from Buenos Corn-Beef, too!

Take care, y'all!

Okay, ok; I know where my Camaro is now! In my driveway!

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