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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
The LS/LT, like the original Z28, WEIGHS LESS than the SS without all the "complicated/expe$ive" Production Line deletes...

So put the "missing items" on the cheapest lightest Camaro (which is what Piggins did in '67 on the original Z28), and make it the ultimate handling Production Camaro because of its lighter Curb Weight (which is what Piggins ALSO did in '67). A 100lbs is 100lbs... Add your own 91-octane, 350hp w/CAI and exhaust (IF the Factory won't do it for you as part of this "package"...), and you'd have a quick nimble canyon-carver...just like a '67 Z28... A "1LE 350" will sell by the TRUCKLOAD...EVERYWHERE!

When you get into A/C-A31-AG1 deletes, you actually end up INCREASING the price of the end Product, and it's manufacturing "complexity". Porsche has made a small fortune with their "Club Sport" (or whatever name they choose to use) packages by charging more for less...

Insurance $avings accrue because a V6 rates a lower premium that a V8...and that's VERY significant to the "Under 25/Male" segment, the Target Market for this lil darlin'...

A super-handling, mega-power SS is, if I'm NOT mistaken, where the reconstituted Z28 will reside...which is robbing from Gen4 "heritage", NOT the Gen1s the car was "styled" from...
I don't know where you get your data but if you exclude the fact that the engine is bigger in the SS the LS/LT does not weigh less its the same damn chassis, frame, sound deadening, etc. They are identical vehicles aside from the engines and suspension components. They are all built off the same thing. You won't get any sort of extra weight savings of using a 1LT vs a 1SS they are the identical car. If you took a "1LT" and put all the 1SS performance parts in it you would have a 1SS its identical. The 1SS weighs more because it has a physically bigger engine that weighs more. The LS loses a couple details like the foglights and the ability to add certain options which would be easy enough to do to a 1SS.

Back in the day the lower V6 models had less equipment, options, chrome etc, which made a stripper V8 car a novelty as you just plain couldn't buy it. Thats just not the case today, a 1SS and 1LT are identical aside from the obvious shape of the nose (which probably weighs the same) and the wheels, suspension, engine and brakes, all of which would be added to a "1LE" package to make it a performance car.

* almost forgot we've established from fbodfather the engine cradle on a V6 frame vs a V8 frame has different mounting points, so you couldn't even install a V8 engine in there anyway. As I said they are identical cars so this makes no sense anyway.
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