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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
V6 ENGINE WEIGHS LESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm NOT talking about a V8-powered car...and I THOUGHT that was fairly obvious...but apparently NOT...

A V6 CAR!!!

Which happens to weigh less...costs less to insure...gets better mpgs...costs less to purchase and pay for...and helps to Market-Drive the V6 Models...which Camaro/GM desperately needs... instead of floggin' 'em to Rent-a-Wreck fleets, only to eventually undercut the New Car Department with "distressed merchandise" from the Used car lots...

As stated, the "original" Z28s were NOT the quickest/fastest, but they WERE the most fun...and so would this "special" V6...

Read it again...V6!

NOW does it make sense?!
AND you missed why I was asking whats the fascination with the V6 BODY. SO far a lot have said make a 1LE that has the V6 Body with the V8, which I am saying makes no sense as there is no savings that way. Thats why I was confused as it seemed like YOU were talking about the V6 style, not the whole car being V6 engine based.

As well if you were making a 1LE which was a factory "race car" option making it a V6 would be nothing short of useless as there is no way you could lighten it enough to make it competitive in anything. Now if it was turboed like the one in your profile pic (the Leno car) then we are talking. Unfortunately this will never happen.

The bottom line is you were talking about something completely different than the point of the thread which was a lightweight weekend racer V8 option, the 1LE.
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