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Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
First no need to be condescending ("I'll give you a second chance to understand.")
The point is its apples and oranges. The cars are built for different purchasers for different missions. And yes the ZL1 would perform better with upgrades, but any car can perform better with the right upgrades.
And the Z/28 has AC, electric windows...I don't think the heavier rear window is a creature comfort. Also, the 300+ lbs includes the SC which I wouldn't call a CC.
I think this "Creature Comfort" business has gotten out of hand...Unless it has elaborate luxuries, it's said to lack "creature comforts"

Eliminating extraneous creature comfort "mass" is just a tool to reduce weight.
Windows that keep out the rain, doors that close and lock, instrument guages for the engine, a roof, power steering, power brakes, turn signals,
a comfortable seat (non-power, non six-way memory, non-heating, non -cooling), windshield defroster, cabin heater....are plenty enough creature
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