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Originally Posted by NightmareZL1 View Post
We want to see that because GM claimed to have engineered this drastically better track car than a zl1, but compared the two while putting street tires on one and road race (slick compound) on the other. If GM wants to market their new product by comparing it to the older one, run the both in running shoes, instead of having one wear slippers (pun intended)
I would think GM would say this to be a major no-no. I mean lets think here - if just tires made the ZL1=Z/28 the Z/28 becomes a flop to everyone else who doesn't care about the Z/28 badge.

ZL1 would have more HP, the supercharged engine, magnetic ride, a stereo, and on down the list for LESS!!!

Bench racing at its finest no doubt but i think this comparison happens well after the Z/28s have been built and sold.

But to flip this around. The Z07 was right on the heels of the ZR1 with basically a new spoiler, brakes, and tires. (a 7k package at that - what a bargain).

Right now I think the Z/28 has to be a 60k car. Any more than that and i think it becomes a tough sell against the ZL1.
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