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Sold - Valentine One V1 Radar Detector

Slightly used as I spent most of the time @ the track.
I have run the serial # on Valentines website and it is still
running the current software version as a new one does.
Asking $300 shipped, OBO.

Windshield mount
Cigarette Lighter adapter
Power cord (coiled)
Power cord (straight)
Direct-wire power adapter
Wire harness connector

360 degree protection against all types of Laser
Instant-On (Pulse) Detection
Detects POP Mode
Directional Indicator
VG-2 Stealth
LED Display
Bar Graph Signal Strength Indicator with 3 Modes
Bogey Counter
Rear Radar Antenna
Ku Band Detection
Auto-Scan Mode
Selectable Bands

2 City Modes and Highway Mode
Audio Alert Only Mode
Visual Alert Only Mode
Auto and Manual Muting
Auto/Bright/Medium/Minimum/Dark Display Settings
Auto Memory Retention
Euro mode compatible
Software Upgradable
Fully Adjustable Audio Levels
One Year Manufacturer Warranty
X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka Detection

More picks up in the morning

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