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Rims and Tires

Hey guys,

So Im looking to get rims and tires for my 2013 LS. Ive done a ton of research and am still feeling a tad confused. I was wondering if anyone knew off the top of their head the largest tire size you can fit on the front axle of the 2013 LS. I want to run a square setup for more of a track feel to the car not the drag or muscle car look. I was thinking 20 rims with 10 width, but Im not sure if anything larger than 275-285 is gonna rub. I know it all depends on the aspect ratio as well but Im talking purely tire width. How far will 315s stick out on the front? Im not totally knowledgeable with cara and mods. Im willing to learn though. I have mechanics on both sides of my family and I feel like I get yelled at more for not holding a tool in the right place more than I get taught lol.
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