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I've decided after reading lots of other build threads, It's time to document Brandi.

Brandi is my 2010 2SS/RS RJT Camaro.

Several years ago, my wife was offering to buy me pretty much any truck I wanted. Her dad has a 3/4 Chevy Turbo Diesel and she was kind of partial to the oversized pickup. i was leaning towards a King Ranch Edition but....

I was browsing the internet one evening and I saw a a blurb about the Phoenix of the Camaro... I followed some links and ended up at a site that had a few pictures of the concept car... uh oh.....

I found a thousand reasons I wasn't ready to buy a truck yet.... kept sneaking around, looking peeking, and anything else I could to find out more information... I had it bad....

A way to introduce the idea to her came upon me entirely by chance. There was this movie, and lo-and-behold, there it is... Bumblebee....

I was blown away by the look, the sound, the raw power... After the movie, I waited a short time and found the perfect picture, and saved it to my desktop. I was looking at it one evening, and she walked up behind me... and asked what it was....I told her and then asked her what she thought about that as opposed to a truck. Her response was "it's your vehicle."

So, that parts over... and yes, I Love and Appreciate my wife... So, I keep watching, and then GM announces pre-orders to be taken in Oct or Nov of '08... Forgive me but I don't remember exactly which month it was... So, I start trolling the dealerships looking for one that will fit my needs.

About two weeks prior to the pre-order date, I had some job changes, and so in the interest of not wanting to end up in a bind, I put the order on hold. I ddn't loose my job, but I transferred to the department I wanted to work in. I am a SubSea Engineer with Diamond Offshore Dilling. It's a brutal but very rewarding job...

In March of 09, I was again ready to place an order and my wife suffers some health issues. Certainly no fault of hers, and she is way more important to me than any car, so I put off ordering it again. I want to make sure she has whatever she needs medically to end up on the mend.

In July of 09, my wife told me to go find a dealership and place my order. I had one earlier, but they were still wanting huge premiums for the car, and several dealerships were starting to back off the high demands. I found one dealership in Austin that would sell me the car at MSRP. I placed the order, and included several items from GMPP that were not officially released yet... My sales rep was awesome, but the sales manager turned out to be a turd... He tried to jack me on a number of items, and then when the car was due to arrive in November, he tried to jack some premium add on, and I blew a gasket, right in the middle of the dealership floor, and fortunately for me, the owner of the place overheard us and called the sales manager, my sales rep, and I into his office. He listened to me first, then verified what I said with the sales rep and then asked us to leave. My parting words were that I didn't want him involved with me in any form or fashion again.

A long story shortened, I ended up getting the GMPP Offroad Exhaust free including installation, and I didn't have to deal with the turd anymore.

The finance guy, well..... thats another story. I had a buyers check from my credit union, so I didn't really need anything other places to sign from him... (He drives a really hot Vette) and thats what I got from him... He told me basically, you don't want or need any of this other crap, initial here, here, and here, and sign here and let me have your check...Wow, very pleasant, very nice to deal with... He did ask me if I wanted anythin and I think the look answered his questions.

So, my car goes through PDI, has the exhaust installed, and then my sales rep showed me a few things...

More to Follow... If you read all this, thanks for stopping by....

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