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Originally Posted by GothamCamaro View Post
I totally get that salesmen/women need food on their tables too and that dealerships need to bring in money but as Tag stated earlier.

Some of us work hard as hell just to make the MSRP amount and to have that jump up a few thousand more will break a lot of people, including me.
Yes some of the special/limited editions have to be marked up but that's for the rich guys to deal with.

At MSRP or less will have me at the dealership, like most at the board I will keep searching dealerships to make that happen.
Also, its not like there will be a limited number of Camaros. If you can't pay the marked up price, just wait a couple months. Once production is at full capacity and the initial mayhem subsides there will be Camaros on most every dealers lot and the prices will come down below MSRP just like on every other car.

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