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I would guess that there will be around $2k in markup from Invoice to MSRP.

We will honor anyone who qualifies for GMS, Supplier, Millitary Discount, College Student, etc. I do it on Vette's all the time. The only vehicle that does not qualify is the ZR1 I believe.

We didn't become the largest Chevy dealership in the midwest by making cutomers unhappy. What we ask for, and what we take are always going to be different. If there are cars on the lot that are not spoken for, deals can be had.

I think a few might have misunderstood me. I don't expect us to markup any regular Camaro's. However, if there are limited edition vehicles, then they will bring a premium price. If someone wants to pay $5k extra, who am I to tell him not too?

I don't understand the problem with the concept of supply and demand. Let me ask a question, if you bought your new Camaro, and as you drove off the lot, someone offered you $5k more for it than you bought it for, would you take it, if you knew you could go buy another one? Or would that be immoral and greedy?
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