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Originally Posted by Huggerorange73 View Post
I'm with Camaro Scotty on this one...

I'll bet you see a "bump" somewhere around 10hp...but like Scott is saying, I think it's HP that's already there.

Don't expect anything radical, or more than .1 or .2 in performance gain.
Here's the thing. Normally when GM does a bump in HP on their Smallblocks they normally go up by at least 20HP.

The thing is that the C7 is coming out in about 2 years with the new GenV V8s... supposedly a 5.5L Direct Injected Small Block with about 450 base HP. It will be lighter and more efficient so GM can tout that more over a simple HP increase seeing as it will have more power, be more efficient, and weigh less than the 6.2L. That means tread lightly, because this new engine will possibly have a DOHC variant that will go to Caddy.

But for now... a simple HP bump in the LS3 is easy. A tune alone can yield 450HP. Doing it efficiently is the key ALWAYS. My Vette LS3 was dynoed at essentially 418RWHP(about 480 at the Fly) with a tune and CAI... thats it
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