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Originally Posted by trademaster View Post
I don't mean to single you out, you are just unfortunately the best example of this I saw in this thread. It always amazes me how some people think they know more about marketing than the top professionals. Ford has been building and selling (like crazy) Mustangs non-stop for 50 years.

They had no problem selling the 2011+ model with a log axle, less horsepower than the competition, and an outdated chassis, but you don't think they know how to effectively market their fully redesigned Mustang? If they are withholding specs, there is a reason for it.

As for the performance, I specifically remember people here saying how the 5.0 didn't make enough power and the low end torque wouldn't be enough to top the Camaro SS in a straight line. Everyone said the solid axle would turn like crap and the SS would walk all over it in the corners. Look how that turned out. Don't make any conclusions until we see the real world results.
Thanks for singling me out...I'm honored. Just kidding.

But seriously, I was responding to the comment of "nothing to gain" by releasing power figures. I didn't claim the whole Ford marketing plan was a complete failure.

Ford has already said the GT is quicker than the BOSS. Well that's great. So if they can say that, why can't they also say its quicker in the 1/4 mile, or something similar? That's all I'm saying.

Please don't think that I'm drawing any conclusions. In fact I think the car will be an awesome performer. The only conclusion I've drawn, is that the looks don't excite me.
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