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Originally Posted by dmo View Post
I took my camaro in to be serviced at the dealer for a dent (completely gone now ) and a vibrational noise when I was in low RPM's of any gear. The mechanic said he couldn't hear it but I insisted it was there. So the mechanic did some research and found a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) that described exactly what I said. It turned out the baffles in the exhaust separate and vibrate creating a tinny noise. So now my exhaust is being replaced from the catalytic converter back and its all under warranty. Just wanted to post this in case anyone else had the same problem and didn't know what the hell it was.
Do you have the TSB #. I'm taking mine in this morning. Had it for 5 days, 2nd time its been in for this. Ughhhhh. Glad I found this. Thanks!
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