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This sounds very close to what was happening in 2012 CTS v series. Excerpt from a post on that site:

Wheel Clicking

We acknowledge and regret that some CTS-V customers experience this "clicking sound" from their wheels in low speed, tight turn parking lot maneuvers. We've studied this phenomenon fairly extensively; it is the result of interface of the aluminum wheel to aluminum rotor hat configuration. We have released a technical service bulletin that prescribes a very high degree of cleanliness in the wheel-to-rotor mounting, and our experience to date is that the TSB, if followed exactly, is very effective in eliminating the noise.

Some customers had been concerned about this being a noise from brake system interference to the wheel under high steer angles. It is not. The noise emanates from the mounting surface of the wheel on the hat of the rotor at high steer angles. If you have this noise, the cleaning process and re-torquing is fully covered by your warranty at our dealership. If you choose to dismount wheels on your own, please follow the service bulletin pasted below and carefully follow the instructions on cleaning and torquing wheels.

GM has tested the integrity of wheel attachment on the CTS-V. The "clicking noise" is not indicative of any concerns or compromised performance in wheel attachment integrity, or in the wheel itself.
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