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Originally Posted by smarbrit View Post
Well I felt bad not giving a wave back! Was having a bad week and kinda tuned out! I drive down nose hill to take my daughter to school in bowness. Will be going that way for the next couple of weeks! Your car sure looks awesome, I said that to my daughter!

We r camping this weekend, saw a red convertible in innisfail yesterday.

Watch for cops on secondary highways, I got my first speeding ticket, thankfullly the cop dropped my speed....could have been very bad.
Don't feel bad. We all have our bad days. Thanks for the complement on my car! I'm sure we will see each other again. Both of my girls go to school in Bowness also. Small world. It's great to see other Camaro's on the road. Especially the ones you know are on the forum. It's like "Hey I know you"... Even though I've never met you there is a sense of knowing. Got out for a zip tonight. I'm almost at 200km. 2200 more to go till break in is over and I can hear that supercharger sing! Hope you have a better week this week after a relaxing weekend of camping.
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